Welcome to our new Website!

After many years we have changed the appearance of wine2you.co.uk.

This happily coincides with new wines from a new supplier – Chateau du Cayrou in Cahors – and new wines from a longstanding supplier – Battle of Bosworth in McLaren Vale – who have recently changed their UK Agent.

The coming week will see the 527th Anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth with reenactments and demonstrations at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre which is only a short distance from our home. Information can be found at http://www.bosworthbattlefield.com/ and you will be able to buy the wines from the Centre Shop or by telephoning or emailing us via the Contact page.

We have also just found out that Joch Bosworth will be visiting the UK in late September and we shall let you know via this blog where he’ll be appearing – possibly even in Dadlington! Have a look at their website in Mclaren Vale also to follow developments at Edgehill Vineyard – http://www.battleofbosworth.com.au/.

Best wishes



Julien Goursaud, Winemaker at Chateau du Cayrou.